Our Practice

When we expanded The Ticktin Law Group to accommodate more than 7,000 homeowners in defending foreclosure suits, we invented a new paradigm. The new model is not only cost-effective, but it is so efficient and effective that we realized that our systems, which utilize technology to the hilt, could and should be used to offer legal service in most areas of common practice by real Florida Lawyers. Our attorneys have experience in most fields of law, and by building the different departments of the firm, we ensure that we can service our clients’ legal needs, no matter the issue.

Known For Taking Cases That Don’t Fall Between Conventional Boundaries

Although some issues fall squarely within conventional boundaries, such as a Divorce or Modification being a Family Law matter, the fields of law which we cover are not all-encompassing. Sometimes, our cases defy categorization. We have handled cases from HIV issues to monkey bite cases, to suing a hospital for procuring organs from a 7-year-old boy who was not brain dead by forging the signature of his mother.

If any of the Departments listed below are pertinent to your needs, click on the image for additional information. We want you to become a client of The Ticktin Law Group. By implementing our strategies, we can bring you top-notch service at a reasonable cost. When you are ready for a free preliminary consultation, complete the contact form here and get started on your case. You will be glad you did.