General Litigation

The Ticktin Law Group

General Litigation

Our firm was built with a very entrepreneurial spirit. Peter Ticktin, the founding member of the firm, is not only a well-established litigator, but also a successful businessman, spearheading such thriving companies as BriteShot, Inc.

The attorneys at The Ticktin Law Group are well versed in handling business concerns for every stage of your business. We will work with you to develop a new company, from negotiations with shareholders, and partnership agreements to the actual formation of new business entities. Our attorneys assist with Limited Liability Companies, S and C Corporations, and Partnerships.

Once a business is underway, we assist in writing the necessary employment handbooks, operating agreements, and other contracts such as purchase orders and arbitration agreements, which are necessary to successfully run your new business. We work with all industries, including auto dealers, wholesale and retail distributors, restaurateurs, boat dealers, and manufacturers, just to name a few.

Sometimes even the best intentions turn sour. In those instances, The Ticktin Law Group is frequently retained to enforce and defend business disputes.

Our firm handles both Plaintiffs’ and Defendants’ cases, prosecuting and defending in actions based on: Breach of Contract, Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Shareholder Derivative Suits, and many more. We work with our clients to determine the most cost effective way to achieve your goals.

Also, we offer retainer services to our business clients, which allow for quick access to advice, and legal work. The Retainer program affords you a lawyer on retainer to write demand letters, lease agreements and other business related documents all for a single low monthly fee.

Frequently a single letter from a lawyer will resolve something that might otherwise take months of distracting fighting. Fundamentally, if you are in business, you should be working on making that business work. You are not in business to litigate. Court actions generally are a major distraction and a great expense. If you are engaged in litigation, let us extricate you from the muck.

If you need the right kind of business lawyers who look after your interests the way you want, click here, or call us. We stand ready to help.