The Ticktin Law Group

You will find us to be different and the kind of lawyers you want.

Hopefully, you are on this page because you are looking for the best alternative for the legal service you need. We want you to become our client, and we are thankful for this opportunity to show you why we are your best option. No one yearns to have lawyers. We get attorneys to help us when we have legal issues which are more than we can handle. Lawyers are like car mechanics. No one wants one. When you need one, though, there is no reason to hesitate, all you want is someone to fix your car, who will deal with you honestly, and not overcharge.

Hiring a lawyer is more complex, because, unlike the car mechanic, it is usually necessary to work with your lawyer. You need more than honesty and competence. You need someone with whom you can relate. You need the kind of character which we seek in our hiring process. Simply put, the lawyers you hire should be the kind of people you refer to as “good people.” You want someone who will take your situation seriously, and at the same time, someone who gets along with not only you, but with opposing counsel, judges, witnesses, and others who may be involved in your case or situation. With our cases, our lawyers work as teams, and we first work up our goals and strategies. This is most important. We aim to represent you and more.

When we say: “We want you to become our client,” we mean that for not only the instant issue which just brought you to this page, but for life and all the twists and turns which it offers as we go forward through time. Welcome to The Ticktin Law Group. Please take your time and explore this website. You will find us to be different and the kind of lawyers you want.