Intellectual Property Law

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Intellectual Property Law

You Must Protect Your Ideas

Don’t lose control, or your right to use your idea or slogan. Ensure that you protect your Intellectual Property and learn how to enforce your rights and reap the benefits of your great ideas. If you don’t protect your ideas, you might lose the right to later reap the benefits.

The attorneys at The Ticktin Law Group have years of experience navigating the hurdles in the trademark and copyright offices. We work with seasoned patent attorneys to make sure our clients receive the right advice to protect their ideas.

Trademark applications, copyright filings, and patents are not for the faint of heart.

If you file something incorrectly, you could lose out on potential money or protections that you might not have known even existed. Your idea is your product, and your product is your money take care of it they way you would anything else.

Do you already have an idea which someone else is using without your permission? We can help. The Ticktin Law Group has litigated Trademark Infringement, and Copyright Infringement cases across the state of Florida. Our attorneys are well versed with the Lanham Act, and can utilize injunctions to protect you and your products and ideas.

We offer cost effective retainer programs to suit those whose ideas are still being formed, to corporations who already use slogans and tag lines in commerce.

The Ticktin Law Group can remain on retainer to send out Cease and Desist letters to keep others from using your trademarks and copyrights. Discover how The Ticktin Law Group will help you own and keep control of your intellectual property. Call (561) 232-2222 or click here to complete our contact form.