Double Win for The Ticktin Law Group in Mortgage Foreclosure Case

November 22, 2019

Last May, Attorney Michael Vater conducted a Mortgage Foreclosure Trial in Palm Beach County on behalf of one of our clients. Leading up to the trial, Michael was extremely aggressive in pursuing depositions needed to win the case at trial. On the eve of trial, the bank attempted to switch its witness. Michael refused to allow the bank to get away with this last minute switch of the witness and vigorously argued to exclude the witness. The court agreed with Michael’s request and required the plaintiff to use its previously disclosed witnesses rather than its new witnesses. The bank still went forward with the trial, and at the conclusion of the bank’s case, the Court granted Michael’s Motion for Involuntary Dismissal.

The bank was not happy with this outcome and exercised its appellate rights - filing an Appeal to the Fourth District Court of Appeal. Just this past week, the Fourth District Court rendered a decision on Appeal again in favor of The Ticktin Law Group. The Court affirmed the Dismissal of the Foreclosure case and the exclusion of the late disclosed witness.

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