Signs of a Concussion After an Accident

May 10, 2019

If you think you may have a concussion after your accident, you should seek medical help immediately. A concussion is a very serious injury. The head and brain move back and forth rapidly - which causes the brain to bounce around inside the skull. This, in turn, can result in damaged brain cells. It’s also very important to know whether your concussion is from your car accident. That way, you will know your medical expenses ahead of time.

Common Signs of a Concussion After a Collision

Disruption of Sleep Patterns

If your sleep pattern has changed for the worse after your accident, this can be a sign of a brain injury. You should talk with your doctor to see if medicine can help you sleep better. You may also want to consider lifestyle changes - like sleeping less during the day or exercising more often.

Headaches that Will Not Go Away

Headaches are typical when you have a concussion. You may start experiencing them just hours after the initial accident. You should seek treatment for these headaches as quickly as possible.

Feeling Nauseous

More immediate symptoms of a concussion from a car accident are nausea and vomiting. Constant vomiting is a blatant sign that you have a brain injury.

Suffering from Mood Changes

Brain damage can alter your essence. Some people have a tough time coping with the symptoms of a concussion because they feel worried, tense, or overwhelmed. People who feel depressed after a car accident can take steps to feel better. If you feel depressed, try changing up your daily routine by adding positivity. You should also make an effort to get enough sleep and eat well.

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