The Ticktin Law Group Fights Merchant Cash Advance Lenders

February 12, 2019

The lawyers at The Ticktin Law Group are fighting for small businesses against companies who give out usurious business loans in the form of factoring agreements or Merchant Cash Advances (MCA).

In many cases, our firm has been successful in substantially reducing debts with lenders for pennies on the dollar. In some cases, we have completely extinguished alleged debts.

MCA lenders take advantage of usury laws to charge exorbitantly high interest rates. Many small business owners fall prey to these predatory loans and are placed under financial stress and at risk of default. A borrower may even discover they previously signed a Confession of Judgment, waiving their right to contest in court.

Collection agencies will demand business owners pay the full balance of the alleged debt. The lender can even exercise a UCC Lien against a businesses' assets to stop other businesses, insurance companies, or individuals from paying. The lender typically refuses to release that lien until the debt is fully paid off.

Substantially Reduce or Extinguish Your Alleged Debt

When it comes to debt, we understand you are in a tough situation. The Ticktin Law Group fights Merchant Cash Advance Lenders. Our Business Debt Relief services are free unless we can negotiate a settlement for less the amount you owe on your debt. Our firm provides free consultations to evaluate your situation. Call (561) 232-2222 or complete the contact form here to get started.