Lengthy Case Ends in Trial Victory for Attorney Vater, Client

May 17, 2018

Michael Vater, Esq.
After numerous hearings, multiple depositions in Texas, and consistent pressure placed on the opposition, Attorney Michael Vater successfully won a trial on behalf of one of our clients at the Palm Beach County Courthouse earlier this week. Litigation is often a long and windy road with many twists and turns, all leading up to the Trial of the case.

During the Trial, Attorney Vater’s objections kept out crucial evidence that the opposing side was attempting to use to prove its case. Following the presentation of the opposing side’s case, Attorney Vater requested the Court find in favor of our client without the need for further evidence or testimony as the opposing side failed to prove its prima facie case at the close of the evidence. The Court agreed and entered a win for our client.

Another Satisfied Client

The attorneys of The Ticktin Law Group familiarize themselves with the updated appellate decisions on a weekly basis and utilize those cases to present the strongest arguments in Court. As a result of Attorney Vater’s actions, our client was able to leave Court a winner following the conclusion of the Trial.

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