Sarasota Attorney Receives Rave Reviews

November 11, 2015

Mr. Sasson,
Dennis and I would like to commend Shirlarian for her due diligence and proactive approach to defend us in this foreclosure case.

We retained your firm in March of 2012 and have had at least four other attorneys representing us.  All have been reactive and essentially advised us that there was not much they could do for us to WIN the case.  Our goal has been to obtain a loan modification that is reasonable and we have not had much help from any of your attorneys.  We have been residing in our home for 28 years, are both working and can afford to retain the home.

Shirlarian just came into the picture and she has already filed numerous motions to defend us and our home.  We do not know what the outcome will be; however, we are VERY appreciative and pleased that she is actually WORKING the case, being tenacious and doing the best she can to help us.

We are certain you are aware of what a great lawyer she is, but many times in our society today, we do not give enough credit to the ones that deserve it the most.  Additionally, we just realized she is 9 months pregnant!  Incredible woman and attorney!

Please reward her accordingly.  We hope she will continue to represent us when she comes back from maternity leave.  God Bless You Shirlarian and the best of luck with your delivery and new baby!

Marlene and Dennis