False Love for Real Money

September 18, 2015

Ladies, when you go shopping on the internet, make sure it is not for love.
One of our clients was swept off her screen when she met the man of her dreams on a Social Dating website.

After several months of courtship, Mr. Dreamboat cajoled our client for a $100,000 loan for his business.  Yes, as you are guessing, she "loaned" him the money, and the dream turned into a nightmare.  He disappeared.

We had to track down the guy, and now that we found him, we will probably win this case.  With luck, this scofflaw will have enough assets to replenish our client's savings.

Yes, these things happen.  They are real, and they hurt, sometimes more than by a mere loss of money.  Please be cautious when someone asks to borrow money from you.  Let them know that you may be willing, and talk to us first.  Let us help you before a mistake is made.