The Ticktin Minute September 4, 2017 – Common Employment Law Issues

Common Employment Law Issues

There are very few individuals who can say that they have never had any employment law issues, whether from the employee or employer standpoint. Employment law is a very specialized field of law that is very relevant in today’s society.There are a few common issues that arise more often than not in Employment Law.

First, discrimination in the workplace occurs more often than people think. Some instances of discrimination are minor and can go unnoticed, while others are more egregious and clear. In Florida, an employer cannot discriminate against an employee on due to their age, gender, race or physical condition. In other words, everyone must be given the same opportunity to work at jobs they are qualified for, despite such differences. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) came into existence in 1990 and applies to employers who have fifteen (15) employees or more and requires the employer to provide reasonable accommodations to those employees who need them. For instance, handicap bathrooms and handicap safety ramps would be two of such accommodations.

Another common issue in employment law is wages and overtime pay. The current minimum wage rate in Florida is $8.10 per hour. That means any employee who is not exempt from overtime pay may not be paid less than this amount. Exemptions to this rule exist for those individuals working in the following positions: executive exemption, administrative exemption, professional exemption, outside salesman exemption and computer employee exemption. Failure to pay overtime pay to an employee who works in one of these fields may not be an actionable violation. This of course should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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