Teacher was later fired for taking an insulin shot

Attorney Jamie Sasson of The Ticktin Law Group is representing Marc Scheaffer in a wrongful termination suit. Marc Scheaffer has type 1 diabetes which requires multiple insulin shots throughout the day.  Marc Schaeffer had previously informed the school of his condition, and the school is required to make reasonable accommodations based on his medical condition.  One day during school Marc Scheaffer needed to take his insulin shot, called the school for a substitute teacher to take his place, but his calls were unanswered.  He was left with the choice of blacking out and possible going into a diabetic coma or giving himself an insulin shot.   He was later fired for taking the shot, and accused by the school of being a drug user.

As stated in the New Times “He was close to unconscious. “He was left in this impossible situation,” explains his attorney, Jamie Alan Sasson, of The Ticktin Law Group. “There was nothing he could do. If he walked out and left the kids unsupervised, he would have gotten in trouble for that.”

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