Satisfied Client Sings Praises of Attorney Lanzce A. Francis

Last week, The Ticktin Law Group received a letter from a satisfied client who was full of commendation and appreciation for the work of Attorney Lanzce A. Francis.

The glowing review followed Attorney Francis’ success in guiding the client to an equitable settlement with an ex-spouse.

Divorce and Family Law can be messy. The personal and professional touch possessed by Attorney Francis can make a world of difference for a client in a stressful and emotional time of their life.

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All provisions of the agreement that Attorney Francis drew up were accepted by the client’s ex-spouse. The letter stated that both our client and the former significant other were happy with the outcome.

If you desire similar legal representation, contact The Ticktin Law Group today. Like Attorney Francis, our attorneys pride themselves on obtaining positive results for our clients with creative and cost-effective approaches. Call (561) 232-2222 or schedule a free consultation below.

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