The Ticktin Minute February 27, 2017 – Preventative Legal Protection for High School and College Athletes

Each year more and more students across the United States participate in competitive high school sports, however, not all of these students (or their parents) know that handouts (of any sort) cannot be accepted under any circumstances. This rule is applicable all the way through an athlete’s college years until they become professional athletes. Even nominal items such as small gifts, transportation and meals could jeopardize the eligibility of the high school and/or college athlete. A loss of eligibility could also threaten the scholarship provided by the college or university. It is important for parents to understand these rules and make sure their children are not throwing away their future educational and/or sports career goals pursuant to sports law. It is further important to contact a sports attorney the moment that eligibility comes into question.

During high school, there are numerous benefits provided to students to participate in inter-school athletic competitions. One of the most tangible benefits for parents is the desire to have the young athletic obtain a collegiate scholarship. There has also been a growth of participation by high school students in leagues outside of his or her high school, where receipt of gifts can occur.

One area of concern with these out of school leagues is that the student athlete must not receive improper benefits in these leagues during high school and into college. The NCAA defines improper or extra benefits as “as any special arrangement by an institution employee or a representative of the institution’s athletic interest (“booster”) to provide a student-athlete (or a student-athlete’s relative or friend) a benefit that is not generally available to other students and their relatives and/or friends, or, is not expressly authorized by the NCAA legislation”. If your child is in jeopardy of losing their eligibility, contact our knowledgeable attorneys to fight on your behalf.

The Ticktin Law Group is able to litigate cases in which eligibility may be revoked or threatened to be revoked. Contact our attorneys for a free consultation.