Local Car Dealer Is Suing CarFax

LAKE WORTH, Fl — If you’ve ever bought a used car, chances are you’ve purchased a CarFax, a vehicle history report many consumers rely on to make sure the car is in good condition.

But a local car dealership is now suing CarFax saying their reports aren’t always accurate.

Until last year “Off Lease Only” in Lake Worth, the largest independent car dealer in Florida relied on Carfax to determine whether a car had a clean history. But now “Off Lease” which sells more than 600 cars a month is suing CarFax in Federal court.

The dealership alleges that Carfax reports aren’t always accurate, or sometimes changed for no reason. Off lease’s General Manager says they became aware of the problem about eight months ago.

The lawsuit mentions two examples where vehicles were given passing marks by Carfax at auction, but subsequent Carfax reports said they had “structural damage.” and that according to Peter Ticktin and Ejola Cook the attorneys representing Off Lease this is just wrong. The alleged discrepancies also pose problems for buyers who later try to sell their car, only to find a different CarFax report from the one they first received.

CarFax tried to get “Off Lease” lawsuit dismissed but in May a Federal judge ruled the lawsuit could move forward saying Off Lease accurately accused car fax of unfair and deceptive acts.

CBS12 reached out to CarFax for a comment but they did not return our call.