Storm Damage

You Need An Attorney Even When You Have Insurance

Insurers never hesitate to collect their premiums, and at the same time, they hate paying claims. Property damage is one of the most common results from hurricanes and it is important to know that you have rights to make a claim and receive a payout pursuant to your homeowner’s insurance policy and those rights.

However, insurance companies, are just like all other companies, in that they truly are nothing more and nothing less than the people who run and operate them. There are going to be some good honest and decent people who would pay you all that you should be paid. Then, there are all the others. It is because of those others, that you should not proceed without the help of an independent adjuster and an independent attorney.

The Ticktin Law Group makes sure that you have both. We make sure that we work with Public Adjusters who will look for every dime of which you are entitled. We also make sure that you have our representation, so that the insurance company knows that it has no choice but to treat you right. Otherwise, they will have a real fight on their hands, as we are trial lawyers.

There is no need for you to fight these battles on your own or to trust in the integrity of an insurance company. The Ticktin Law Group is ready and willing to give you the champions you should have. We handle Property Damage cases on a contingency basis, meaning that you do not pay anything to us unless we succeed in getting you paid.

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