Creative Lawyering Coupled with Management of Emotion Carry the Day!

Senior Counsel, Peter Ticktin along with Ejola Cook and Rina Feld conducted a bench trial (a trial without a jury, wherein the judge is the arbiter) recently in Broward County.  The case was one where the firm was representing a client in a business contract dispute.  Prior to The Ticktin Law Group’s involvement in the case, the parties to the suit had ‘locked horns’ in this legal battle, and the case had become emotionally charged.  Due to Peter’s direct examination of the Defendant at trial and the testimony that was elicited, coupled with Peter’s ability to manage, if not remove, the emotion that had grown and all but taken over the case, a settlement was reached in the middle of trial which was favorable for our client.  The Judge even commented that he had never had a case that settled mid-day, while he was still on the bench.

This is an example of how creative lawyering along with a strategy to deescalate the emotion that had taken over the case led to a positive result.