3 Common Personal Injury Myths

Expect to be bombarded with the advice of others if you’ve recently suffered a Personal Injury. Be certain those you listen to have real knowledge of how to deal with accidents and can guide you appropriately.

With that in mind, we look at three common Personal Injury myths our firm frequently encounters.

Myth #1: If I suffer a Personal Injury, I must pay out-of-pocket for any medical and personal expenses during the healing process

This is one of the biggest confusions our Personal Injury Department has to clarify for clients. While you are responsible for your medical bills, those fees can be reimbursed directly from the proceeds you recover in a Personal Injury lawsuit.

If you suffer an injury that is serious enough, you will need to seek the attention of a doctor.  Most Personal Injury attorneys and firms will assist you in finding a medical provider that will provide immediate treatment in exchange for a lien.

The lien is the amount of those services against any settlements you are able to secure as a result of the injury.

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Myth #2: Larger firms can get me a larger settlement

This one can be a little tricky. Studies show hiring an attorney can maximize your settlement. However, there is no empirical evidence linking a law firm’s size to the size of the settlement they secure. Abandon this line of thinking when choosing a legal representative.

What is most important is finding an advocate who is invested in you and your case. A quality Personal Injury lawyer fights for you, seeks full compensation for the injuries you sustained, and has the resources and ability to give your case its best chance of success.  This can be attained at firms of any size

So, it is not the size of the law firm, but the character of the people who comprise it.

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Myth #3: By settling my case early, you will be able to get the largest settlement.

Settling too quickly can often leave an individual with less money than they are entitled to for their injuries. The greater danger is that a quick settlement will not be sufficient to cover ongoing or future medical costs, or cover impacts to your income like the loss of work.

For the most part, quick settlements do not usually consider the amount of time needed to recover from an injury. Most quick settlements require the forfeiture of any further claims to cover ongoing or additional medical treatment, like counseling or surgery.

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