A Win for The Ticktin Law Group from Patrick Brandt!

August 3, 2019

“There’s nothing better than winning at trial, but a close second is when the other side admits we’ve won before I even leave my office.”

Patrick’s Story

My clients had taken out a second mortgage on their home. The note on the second mortgage was immediately sold to a third-party mortgage servicer, but nobody told the debtor. My client then made payments to the bank he took out the loan with, but they kept sending the money back. He then made a few phone calls, and when he got nowhere, he stopped making payments.

At that time, that seemed to be the end of it. Nothing happened for years. It seemed that the banks were so overwhelmed during the foreclosure crisis of the late ‘00s that they just didn’t get to it.

How The Ticktin Law Group Helped

Eventually, however, the loan was sold, likely for pennies on the dollar, to yet another mortgage servicer whose sole purpose was to foreclose on my client’s family home and make a quick buck.  They know that most families don’t fight the process. Instead, they get into a payment plan or sign over the house for a paltry sum in hopes of saving their hard-earned FICO score. Not this my client! Instead, he called The Ticktin Law Group and stood his ground. We were able to find a tiny flaw in the loan documents that violated Florida State Law.

This tiny flaw was enough to unravel the bank’s entire case. I knew it, and after some paperwork, the bank knew it too. It was after 4 p.m. on a Friday when I got the call from the bank’s lawyer asking if my client was interested in settling. You see, in Florida, if a bank sues you and loses, they have to pay you.

Not every loan has a fly in the ointment, but it takes an experienced legal team like The Ticktin Law Group to find it when there is. Don’t give up your home without a fight!

The Ticktin Law Group Can Help

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