Attorney Claudon Negotiates Positive Result for Clients at Mediation

January 28, 2019

Attorney Taylor Claudon recently obtained an extremely positive result for her client in a Mortgage Foreclosure Defense case.

Through the use of The Ticktin Law Group’s aggressive litigation strategy, Attorney Claudon was able to build significant leverage in the case. One of the strategies she utilized was ensuring that discovery, including depositions were used to defend the case.

A witness in a deposition is asked questions under oath. False statements made carry serious consequences, while the truth will reveal important facts about a case. In foreclosure cases, depositions are often used to gather evidence to support the Affirmative Defenses raised in the case.

With the deposition scheduled to take place a few weeks later, the bank asked the Court to order the parties to attend mediation. During the mediation, Attorney Claudon used the prospect of the upcoming depositions scheduled in the case to negotiate a better deal for her clients.

Following twelve hours of negotiations at the mediation, Attorney Claudon’s persistence paid off deep into the night. Attorney Claudon, her clients and the opposing party reached an amazing result which left the clients thrilled.

Always on the Side of Homeowners

The attorneys at The Ticktin Law Group receive training on how to conduct a mediation to obtain a positive result on behalf of their clients. To hire an attorney who has knowledge of how to mediate on behalf of a client successfully, contact The Ticktin Law Group. For the past decade, we have been on the side of homeowners everywhere in foreclosure actions against the banks. To learn more, or to schedule a free consultation with an experienced foreclosure attorney, call (561) 232-2222 or complete our convenient contact form today.