Q&A with Attorney Grant J. Skolnick, Director of the Personal Injury Department

October 18, 2018

When The Ticktin Law Group expanded into the area of Personal Injury Law in 2015, Attorney Grant J. Skolnick was hired to spearhead the department. With unmatched charisma and an impeccable attention to detail, Grant provides exceptional customer service to each of his Personal Injury clients throughout their case. We sat down with him to learn more.

The Ticktin Law Group: Let’s start with your background: did you always want to be a lawyer? When did you know that practicing Personal Injury Law was what you wanted to do for a living?

Grant J. Skolnick: I believe I was always expected to be a lawyer by my family, but it was not my first love. That was radio - a profession I did for years as first a rock and roll DJ and then as a talk radio personality. I always wanted to be the next Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh, but life has a funny way of working out. I ended up going to law school when I couldn’t pay the bills and I have found that my experience and practice in radio has made me a much more effective attorney.

As far as Personal Injury law goes, I became enamored with this type of law when I was in law school. I had a spectacular professor who showed me that this form of practice actually helps people the most.

TTLG: As a lawyer, what is the most common misconception you hear?

GS: The most common misconception I hear may not actually be inaccurate. It’s that individuals have a hard time getting in touch with their attorneys and knowing what is going on with their cases. This is something which I believe sets us apart. We proudly believe in customer service and let every client know that they can always get in touch with us and should always know what is going on with their case.

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TTLG: What are some of the challenges and opportunities of leading a boutique Personal Injury department, like ours, as opposed to some of the much larger firms?

GS: I don’t believe there are any negative challenges to being a part of a boutique personal injury firm as opposed to working at a firm that has a thousand lawyers. The truth is, I believe that because we aren’t as large we can devote more time and energy to the clients we have and ensure that everyone gets the love and attention that they so rightfully deserve.

TTLG: Paralegals never seem to get enough recognition. How important are they to the Personal Injury department?

GS: My paralegals, Marlene Rader and David Hinostroza, are the life-blood of what we call “Team PI.” Their experience, wisdom, personalities and compassion help make every client’s experience a positive one.

TTLG: What is your life like outside the office? How do you balance work with the other important areas of your life?

GS: To me, the most important thing is my family. Any time that I’m not working (or exercising), I try to be with them. This includes my wife, Katharine, my daughter, Kalena, and my dog (4-year-old boxer) Gemma.

TTLG: What’s your favorite quote?

GS: “I want you to be nice until it’s time to not be nice” – Patrick Swayze from Roadhouse