Celebrating 10 Years As An Attorney: Q&A With Kendrick Almaguer

September 25, 2018

Today marks a special occasion for The Ticktin Law Group Attorney Kendrick Almageur. On this day, 10 years ago, Kendrick was admitted to The Florida Bar. To mark the occasion, we’ve put together this brief Q&A to share Kendrick’s experience as the curtain closes on his first decade of legal practice.

The Ticktin Law Group: First of all, congratulations, Kendrick! Today, September 25, 2018, marks 10 years since you were admitted to The Florida Bar.

Kendrick Almaguer: The saying time flies while you are having fun is certainly true. There have been so many wonderful people that I have represented and worked with over this time that has allowed me to continue to enjoy what I do every day. Ten years definitely flew by.

TTLG: What are some of the highlights? Is there one case that is particularly memorable?

KA: I have worked on such a large number of cases across a number of different areas that it is difficult to pinpoint any specific case as more memorable than another. It has been a rewarding experience to be able to work on a large number of appeals which have established and changed the law in favor of homeowners in foreclosure cases. From the beginning, we have been on the cutting edge of foreclosure defense cases representing homeowners, and a number of the appeal cases that I have worked on have established how the law is applied, and are constantly relied on by judges to guide them to the correct ruling.

TTLG: You have been with The Ticktin Law Group since 2009 -- what attracted you to the firm?

KA: I liked the fact that a lot of the other lawyers were around my age and that I would be working on different areas of law. I saw it as a great opportunity to learn different things, and have the chance to work on a case from start to finish. Many times young lawyers, when they start at a firm, are only allowed to work on certain tasks, and do not have the ability to expand on their knowledge base. Since that would not be the case here, it made the firm very attractive.

The key to having a successful career and life balance is to learn to be organized.

TTLG: What do you enjoy most about practicing in South Florida?

KA: I have been practicing in the south Florida area my whole career, handling cases from Palm Beach down to Key West. Working on such an expanded area allows me to continue to perfect my skills since each judge and each area has their own procedures and ways they see the law. So that gives me an opportunity to present the same facts and law from different angles, which in turn allows me to be more successful in helping all of my clients.

TTLG: How do you juggle a busy legal practice with the other interests in your life?

KA: I spend most of my time outside the office with my wife and kids. I like to watch movies and play the occasional video game. The key to having a successful career and life balance is to learn to be organized. When you get in the habit of making, and sticking to schedules, you are able to maintain the balance that is needed.