Persistence Leads to Win

November 9, 2015



6 years and 8 months ago my wife and I were served with papers for foreclosure and we were stunned.  We knew that we were not paying our mortgage payments due to the real estate collapse and use of home equity, and the fact that our payments had grown so high and we were way upside down in our house.  As you both know, it was during the financial collapse and the world was close to crumbling.  We didn’t know what to do.

Luck would have it, that the process server of the papers was ALSO going through a foreclosure and when he saw the look in our faces, the hurt in our voices, he said “hey, before I go, there are legal teams that can help you with this….”.    That statement before he left, changed our lives.   I got on the internet, typed in foreclosure defense and up popped a number of companies claiming all sorts of incredible things.  Your website looked great, it had a video of Mr. Ticktin explaining how foreclosure defense worked and how payments could work.   That video you did, Mr. Ticktin, started changing my life….

I called the local number in Tampa and got to talk with Sat Gandhi.  We set up a time and we met with him.  We were blown away by how he made us feel.  He talked about the entire process from a 30,000 foot level and then Sat started explaining the day to day and month to month mechanisms that would be put in place to help us deal with this crushing blow.  I was so excited and yet so worried that I wouldn’t be able to afford this, but then he explained how payments would work and he worked out a fair payment plan for us.

Over the next 6 years and 8 months Sat would send us documents, telling us we didn’t need to do anything but just an FYI, and he always kept us in the loop and would explain timelines and what we could expect.  I have never been more pleased or more blown away by a process than I have been with what you guys perform.   Over these 6 years and 8 months we’ve paid you over $25,000 and you were worth $125,000.

You guys saved our lives, you saved our MINDS, you made us feel great, you made us feel that we had someone helping us keep standing in the face of one of the worst things to ever happen to us.

Today I rec’d the check for $3,000 in our cash for keys settlement agreement.  Sat was brilliant in continuing to tell us we still had fight left and that he would let us know when it was time to settle, always letting us know it was ultimately our decision on what to do, but Sat was so good at saying “I think we have more time, stay in your house, I will let you know if we need to make a move.”    When it was finally time to settle, we were READY to settle.  Sat gave us the time to rebuild our lives, rebuild our minds and gain greater resolve to take our lives in a new direction.  We are now unfettered and invigorated with this home settlement, we got 6 years and 8 months of the home (when we thought we only had 21 days) and we are so happy.    We’ve rebuilt our lives, it has never been better than it is right now.

I don’t know what else to say, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and can’t believe our relationship/journey is ending.  It’s a beautiful ending, better than I imagined it could be.   To be honest, if I read this letter I am writing on your website of testimonials I would not believe it was written by an actual customer/client of yours.  It sounds like so much propaganda.   But I had to write this, because I don’t know how else to thank someone who gave me back our lives.   How much do you owe someone who does that for you?   Everything, is what I would imagine you owe someone.   I am hoping that someday when Sat is working his long hours and he’s on his 12th straight day of work and he’s missing his family and he starts to wonder if it’s all worth it….that he would pull this email out and know that what he does is not just legal filings and depositions etc., but that what he does is CHANGE people’s lives…he saves them.    Every single one of us wants to leave a footprint, a legacy that says “I made a difference”, well Sat (and you too Mr. Ticktin) made the biggest difference in the lives of me and my family.

You did it.   Thanks seems to be too small of a word to say, but it’s all I have….