Advantages of the Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is one of the most important components of a business.  Every business owner who has active employees working for them should implement one.

The employee handbook not only protects the business owner, but also outlines very clear rules and obligations for the employee. This allows for the employer and employee to be on the same page with regard to fulfilling the job duties.

The following are the major advantages of preparing and keeping an updated employee handbook in the workplace.

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An employee handbook allows and employer and employee to clearly communicate with each other. The handbook sets out the expectations of an employer and the employee with respect to a particular job.


A handbook establishes policies in the workplace, including days off, vacation, discipline, etc. Having outlined policies allows for fewer disputes and more productivity.

Equal Treatment for all Employees

A handbook applies to every employee. Therefore, employees typically feel like they are held to the same standards regardless of position or rank. This promotes fairness and employee morale in the workplace.

Ability to Obtain Feedback from Employees

Having all of the policies and procedures outlined allows for the employee to know exactly what is expected of them and allows for that employee to provide feedback as to those expectations.

Reduced Lawsuits

A handbook can drastically decrease the necessity and commonness of lawsuits in the workplace. Both employer and employer have a common understanding of which conduct is allowable in the workplace.

Mechanism to Voice Grievances

Provisions in an employee handbook can assist in a procedure in which employees may file grievances. This also improves the morale of the company as a whole.

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