Deposition Leads to Case Dismissal for Attorney Vater

Recently, Attorney Michael Vater represented a client that was being wrongfully sued for breach of contract. In this particular case, Attorney Vater determined that in order to best defend the claim, it would be necessary to depose one of the employees of the company suing his client. This employee was located in the State of Texas.
Attorney Vater recognized that as the employee was located in the State of Texas, he needed to first obtain a commission from the Florida Court before the Texas Court would issue a subpoena to the deponent. Texas is one of a limited number of states that has not adopted the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act. That statutory change no longer required a commission be entered by the foreign jurisdiction. Attorney Vater successfully obtained a Commission from the court in Palm Beach County to continue his quest to take this deposition.
Then, attorney Vater relentlessly pursued the deposition. Due his pursual of this deposition, the opposing party realized that it would not be able to prosecute its claim unless such employee was subjected to providing deposition testimony under oath. On the eve of the deposition, Attorney Vater a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice from the opposing party. Therefore, the opposing party is legally prohibited from ever bringing another claim based upon that contract against The Ticktin Law Group client.
This type of multi-jurisdictional litigation is nothing new for The Ticktin Law Group as its attorneys frequently handle cases that involve witnesses and parties located outside the State of Florida. Having the requisite knowledge and capabilities to handle a multi-jurisdictional case separates The Ticktin Law Group from many other firms.