Attorney Vater Wins Critical Hearing in Complex Business Litigation Case in Duval County

During the first week of September, Attorney Michael Vater prevailed on a critical issue in one of his client’s cases in Duval County, Florida. In this complex business litigation case, the opposing party was seeking to utilize a contractual waiver of jury trial to be expanded to tort claims. The court after hearing extensive argument and reviewing the written submissions by Counsel determined that a 1999 Florida Supreme Court Opinion, Seifert v. United States Home Corp was most relevant to the Court’s analysis.

The Court ultimately ruled that our client’s Constitutional right under both the United States Constitution and the Florida Constitution was ultimately preserved and that the client was entitled to a Trial by Jury. This was a big win for the client and the firm.

At The Ticktin Law Group, understanding what causes of action should be brought is one of the most important characteristics to being a successful litigator. At The Ticktin Law Group, from the moment of initial consultation, there is analysis of how the firm will prove its case at Trial. Attorney Vater says, “It is important from day one to have an action plan in each and every case to guide the attorneys working on the files to what will need to be proven at Trial”.

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