New Year Resolutions

To start the new year, we asked our attorneys to share one thing that is exciting them for litigation in 2019.

Q: What is exciting you for litigation in 2019?

Peter Ticktin: “We are in it to win it. Right now I am gearing up each of our lawyers to make sure cases in their pipeline are poised for success. It’s fun going to court, but winning is everything.”

Jamie Sasson: “Giving it all I have toward being the best lawyer I can be.”

Michael Vater: “Attending various Continuing Legal Education seminars regarding International Law and Business Law which will help in the New Year to continue expanding the firm’s practice areas.”

Grant Skolnick: “One thing I’m doing is studying more about the psychology of jurors!”

Chezare Palacios: “In 2019, I am bettering my understanding of the Rules of Civil Procedure. A deeper understanding of the rules will allow me to strategize, write, and advise my clients in a much more efficient manner.”

Robert Phaneuf: “I’m excited about the new concepts that are changing the system. I believe that the efforts to make the courts more accessible will lead to more trials in 2019.”

Emmanuel Charles: “My resolution is to read more nonfiction books that are designed to assist young attorneys.”

Christian Romaguera: “The other lawyers at The Ticktin Law Group make me a better lawyer every single day. The in-office discussions we have contemplate every potential issue in any given case, and there is always somebody to play devil’s advocate. We are a team, and the environment allows for us to feed off each other’s energies.”

Mysha Browning: “This year I am taking advantage of all the resources available to me to become a better lawyer. I am taking the guidance from the other lawyers I am working with and observing, and I am working hard to become the best litigator I can be.”

Gregory Tucker: “Time management and case strategy. I’m working to effectively attack each of my cases and move them forward for successful litigation.”