Global Travel Spurs Legal Knowledge for Attorney Vater

Many spend the holiday season resting and relaxing at home with friends and family. But not Attorney Michael Vater. He literally traveled around the globe over the Christmas and New Years’ period. Michael visited six countries in three continents on his travels — five for the first time — and reached some impressive personal milestones in the process.

The first leg of the trip was a stop in Copenhagen, the capital and most-populous city in Denmark. Michael then swapped Europe for the Middle East with a visit to Doha. From the capital of Qatar, Michael made his first-ever foray into the African continent with visits to the South African cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. The stop marked another milestone for Michael, who has now traveled to all six of Earth’s inhabited continents.

After leaving South Africa, Michael then returned to the Middle East and visited Dubai in the United Arab Emirates before heading off to Hong Kong. Michael completed his journey around the world with visits to Xiamen and Qingdao in China before flying back to the United States and returning to Florida via Los Angeles.

Michael is now a member of the exclusive 50-50-50 club, having visited all 50 states, all 50 state capitals, and 50 countries.

While traveling, Michael attended various Continuing Legal Education seminars regarding International Law and Business Law which will help him in the New Year as he continues to expand the firm’s practice areas. According to Michael, the trip was a real eye-opener, exploring the various other cultures firsthand. It provided new perspectives for him as he continues to litigate on behalf of The Ticktin Law Group’s clients. Michael is excited for the new year and anticipates 2019 will be his best year yet.