The Ticktin Minute January 29, 2018 – The Best Car Insurance Companies

The Best Car Insurance Companies

The difference in car insurance insurance premiums between the best and worst insurance companies  deters some from obtaining quality insurance; however, over time, the cheaper car insurance may actually cost you much more. Let’s say, on average, a really good insurance company may cost an additional $40 per month or $480.00 per year. This may seem like a lot of money and if you are struggling to pay your bills, this $480.00 would make a big difference in your budget.  Over the course of ten years, you could save nearly $5,000.00. Those are serious savings and that is the reason so many people choose to insure themselves with United Auto, Windhaven, and Ocean Harbor Insurance.

As great as an extra $5,000.00 sounds, these inexpensive insurance companies will actually cost you way more in the long run. As we have discussed in previous blogs, after you get in one accident with these low end insurance companies, you will see how they can afford to be so much cheaper; by hiring cheap, inexperienced, and undertrained employees and refusing to pay out valid claims. At a good insurance company, everyone from the customer service assists to the claims supervisors understand that there is a bigger picture than saving $250.00 on an old woman or young child’s injury claim.

In our experience, it is much more financially sound to hire a strong, reliable insurance company such as MetLife, Auto Owners, Liberty Mutual, or United Service Automobile Association (USAA – not to be confused with United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC). These are the companies that, in our experience, truly care about not only their insured’s, but also about the individuals who are injured by their insured’s. The easiest way to get sued after causing an accident is to have a claims handler who is rude and undervalues claims.  It may save the insurance company a few dollars but it will put their insured into a lawsuit that could be much more costly.