The Ticktin Minute January 22, 2018 – Which Car Insurance Companies to Avoid

Which Car Insurance Companies to Avoid

Insurance is big business; especially in South Florida. Obviously, there are no non-profit car insurance companies; however, some car insurance companies are more worried about profiting than providing quality service to their customers. There are several insurance companies in South Florida where this is especially true. People must be weary of the type of car insurance company that they are obtaining insurance from because saving a few dollars on your premiums may cost you much more in the long run.

In our opinion, there are three (3) main companies that consumers should watch out for; each for a different reason.  In no particular order, United Automobile Insurance Company, Windhaven Insurance Company, and Ocean Harbor Insurance Company are each in the business of profiting off their customers more than providing quality insurance. These companies boast very inexpensive premiums as a tactic to obtain customers; however, once these customers find themselves needing their insurance companies’ assistance, they’ll discover the other side of this industry.

For example, almost every single United Automobile insurance policy provides $10,000.00/$20,000.00 in Bodily Injury coverage.  Unfortunately, if you are injured by one of their insureds, no matter how severe your injuries are, in most instances they will offer you less than $1,000.00 (often much less) and force you to file a lawsuit, many times forcing you to take them all the way to trial, if you want to be fully compensated.

Windhaven Insurance Company will really make you work to obtain any type of resolution for any issue.  It is not uncommon to wait over thirty (30) minutes on hold before you are able to speak with anyone at this company, and once you do; good luck. It almost seems as though they train their staff to be as unhelpful and difficult to deal with as possible, often times passing you back and forth between departments while everyone you speak with provides you different information.

If you are injured in an automobile collision by someone carrying Ocean Harbor Insurance, you are really in trouble. We are not sure if this company even sells Bodily Injury coverage. If you see this company, you can almost be certain that you will not receive any compensation for your injuries.