UM Insurance: What it is and Why it’s so Damn Important in South Florida!

Florida has more uninsured drivers than any other state.

Allegedly, here in South Florida, nearly 40% of all drivers on the road are without bodily injury protection insurance. Here at The Ticktin Law Group, we see the repercussions every day. Believe us when we say that it is nothing short of an epidemic.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself from South Florida’s Uninsured Motorists?

When you obtain car insurance, you are able to obtain typical liability and property damage coverage. (This guide helps break down your policy.) We suggest you also take out uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, also known as UM Insurance. Those that elect for UM Insurance have the ability to always ensure protection. Let’s say you are in a car accident. Your damages are worth much more than the insurance limits of the party that caused your accident. For instance, let’s say you have damages of $100,000. The car that hit you only has insurance with a limit of $10,000. If you have a UM policy, you will then be able to go after your own policy for the difference (if your limits are that high). Your insurance “steps in the shoes of the at-fault party’s insurance” and acts as if they had insurance when the accident happened.

Having UM Insurance Is One Of The Single-Most Important Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself And Your Family

Within one week, we met with a 26-year-old motorcycle rider who was hit on I-95 by a woman with no insurance and a 16-year-old girl in a bus who was also hit by someone with no insurance. The motorcycle rider had a fractured ankle, a broken tibia, a broken kneecap, tendon and ligament damage and neck injuries. The young girl had a broken collarbone. Neither individual had UM Insurance. So, what does this mean? There is no insurance we can go after in order to make our clients “whole again.” No money for medical bills (above the $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection Insurance). No money for pain and suffering. No money for lost wages, and no money for future treatment. Had these individuals had UM Insurance, there would have been money to help them during these difficult situations.

If You’ve Been Injured, Contact The Ticktin Law Group

Speak with a Personal Injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident. The Ticktin Law Group offers free consultations with our experienced attorneys. By going over the facts of your particular claim, you will get a much better idea of what steps you should already be taking, what the best way is to proceed with your case. All of our Personal Injury cases are taken on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t get paid until, and unless, we are able to collect money for your injuries. Call (561) 232-2222 today or complete the contact form here to get started.

Updated on December 27, 2018