Don’t Pretend To Be Rambo: Be Vocal and Treat Immediately

Everyone hates paperwork and police officers are no different. Unless you emphatically say that you are hurt and in pain, they will state on the police report that there were no injuries reportedThis is no time to pretend to be Rambo – if you are hurt, say so and get medical attention. Your injuries need to be explicitly reported. We’ve had cases where a person is taken by ambulance to the hospital yet the police put “no injuries reported.” You must be vocal and treat immediately!


Get it on Record: The Importance of Seeking Personal Injury Treatment Immediately

Oftentimes, people don’t begin feeling pain until some time has passed. It can be a few hours, or even a week until all the injuries are present. If that’s the case, don’t despair. Just because you didn’t take an ambulance to the hospital does not mean your personal injury claim is nonexistent. However, if you do feel pain immediately after the accident, chances are it will steadily get worse. For that reason, it’s not just good for your case, but also good for your health to allow the paramedics to take you to the hospital.


This is Not the Time to Worry About Bills

In Florida, we are what is called a “No-Fault State.” Chances are, you have heard that ridiculous phrase used before. In essence, all this means is that for a typical policy, 80% of your medical bills (up to $10,000) will be paid by your own car insurance’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy. The remaining 20% (and anything above the $10,000 limits) will typically be paid by the final settlement. Get the medical attention you need – in most cases, you will never have to worry about paying your medical bills out-of-pocket.


Not Visiting the Hospital? You Have Just 14 Days to Get Documentation Elsewhere

If you chose to not go to the hospital, seek medical attention as soon as possible. That can be at a visit to your primary care physician, a chiropractor, an orthopedist or even a dentist. You want to be able to document that you were suffering from your injuries and as a result, were forced to seek medical attention. In Florida, the new PIP Law states that you must seek medical attention for your injuries within 14 days of your accident. If you don’t comply with that requirement, your car insurance will not pay for your medical bills.


The Next Step: Contact Our Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

If you find yourself hurt because of someone else’s actions, remember to be vocal and treat immediately. Then you should speak with an experienced Personal Injury attorney. The Ticktin Law Group offers free consultations to go over the facts of your claim. All Personal Injury cases are taken on a contingency basis, meaning you won’t pay for anything until, and unless, we collect money for your injuries. Call (561) 232-2222 or complete our contact form here to get started.

Editor’s note: Updated on October 23, 2018