The Ticktin Minute January 16, 2017 – Understanding the Benefits of Litigation in a Mortgage Foreclosure Case

One of the scariest events is having a process server come to your door and serve a summons and complaint for mortgage foreclosure. All of sudden, there becomes a realization that the property may no longer be yours as the Court may set an auction on the property to the highest bidder. Fortunately, at The Ticktin Law Group, the firm has dedicated processes and procedures to ensure our clients have the highest likelihood of success when defending a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit. This article discusses the foreclosure litigation benefits an individual can expect to have.

At The Ticktin Law Group, the attorneys have found that by aggressively litigating the lawsuit, the firm accomplishes two goals. The first goal is making sure our client has the highest likelihood of success at trial. Secondly, through the aggressive litigation strategy, the firm is able to build leverage on behalf of our client in the event the Plaintiff desires to settle the matter. Often times, the Plaintiff will be most inclined to settle after going to trial. As if the Plaintiff is successful at trial, the Plaintiff would rather maximize the return rather than having the carrying costs and uncertainty with a foreclosure auction.

Often times, clients has when is the best time to hire The Ticktin Law Group if having problems with a mortgage. The best time is prior to even being served with a summons and complaint for mortgage foreclosure. This allows The Ticktin Law Group to begin the process of discovery and gathering the appropriate documents to build individualized defenses tailored to the client’s specific case. Being pro-active even as a Defendant is the best strategy, and a strategy performed on each and every mortgage foreclosure matter for which the firm represents clients.

Remember, if you or someone you know is having problems with a mortgage, contact The Ticktin Law Group, and we will be able to provide a free consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss the mortgage issues.