When and Why You Should Hire a Foreclosure Attorney

There are a number of reasons for hiring a lawyer to represent you in a foreclosure case.

A foreclosure case is complicated. When you hire a foreclosure attorney, you are enlisting an advocate to serve your interests, defend your case, as well as attempt to negotiate amicable solutions to your financial situation. Incredibly enough, many homeowners fail to hire a lawyer to defend them against the banks. As a result, the bank typically has an easy time foreclosing on them. Don’t be one of those people.

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If You Are In The Foreclosure Process, It’s Time To Lawyer Up

Hiring a lawyer gives you a real shot at defeating the bank, and possibly having your mortgage wiped out, too. The banking industry has been sloppy in the past decade in the process of foreclosing on mortgaged properties. A skilled attorney can identify deficiencies in the bank’s paperwork and craft a strong legal defense of your home or property.

There are three stages of a foreclosure:

  1. Pre-Foreclosure/Notice of Default
  2. Sale or Auction
  3. Post-Foreclosure

Early on, a skilled lawyer can set up a strong defense to defeat the banks. For instance, an attorney can help a homeowner identify discrepancies or mistakes made by the bank, such as poor record-keeping, that may aid a protracted fight in the courts. Moreover, if the homeowner wishes, the lawyers can negotiate with the banks on their behalf to rework the details of the loan.

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The Ticktin Law Group Is Famous For Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

The earlier you retain the services of an attorney, the more tools and options you will have available to you. Foreclosure can stretch from six months to five years or more. Having the additional support and vigilance of a knowledgeable attorney can be a godsend.

Our firm has defended thousands of homeowners in foreclosure cases. In fact, we were the ones who uncovered the industry-wide scheme of “robo-signing” that was defrauding homeowners. As a result, this led to changes that affect the entire banking industry, and the exposure of the banks’ fraudulent practice of signing affidavits, without any personal knowledge of the loan.

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You Have Rights And Options Available To You

No matter where you may find yourself in this process, the most important thing to remember is that you have rights and options available to you. Only a court order can remove you from your home. If you are in or about to enter into foreclosure, contact an attorney sooner rather than later in the process. If experience is what you’re looking for, seek the foreclosure defense attorneys of The Ticktin Law Group. Don’t delay — call (561) 232-2222 or fill out our contact form today.


Editor’s note: this post was updated on October 18, 2018