Ticktin Minute May 30, 2016 – Attorneys Bruce Burk and Michael Vater Continue Tradition of Success at Ticktin

Bruce Burk Notches Another Big Foreclosure Win for The Ticktin Law Group

WEST PALM BEACH – As the big banks continue to pursue foreclosures at an alarming rate, the Ticktin Law Group Attorney, Bruce Burk, proved once again that he has what it takes to protect our client’s property in the face of a looming foreclosure. The case ultimately was dismissed after Burk was able to successfully prove to the court that the Bank did not have the legal right to begin foreclosure proceedings against our client since it was not in possession of the loan paperwork for the property in question. Despite this, the Bank sought to bypass this important requirement by claiming that it was simply lost or misplaced, while still maintaining that they had the legal right to forclose. Mr. Burk was able to counter this by successfully arguing to the court that if the Bank did not have the note in their actual possession, they had no legal authority or standing to pursue this case against our client.

Successful Casting for TTLG Client’s Fine Art Exhibition in France

Paris from the Water

WEST PALM BEACH – Recently, Entertainment Law division attorney, Michael Vater was retained to aid in the hiring of a series of fine art models for a gallery exhibition to be held in France by one of our clients. By examining the network of models previously hired by the firm for previous projects, Mr. Vater was able to both quickly aid the client in their search as well as to employ cost-effective strategies to help bring the total expenditure by the client in at a fraction of the originally projected price. Mr. Vater’s exceptional solution for his client not only demonstrated his ability to find solutions for his clients, regardless of which side of the Atlantic they may need assistance.