Fighting for Our Clients

Our attorney H. Xavier Carrera successfully argued twice last week that the banks failed to comply with the conditions precedent required by their own mortgages. After the Plaintiffs presented their cases, the Judge granted our motions for involuntary dismissal. Two Wins – One Week!

Faulty Default Letter

During a Mortgage Foreclosure trial held last week, our attorney Simon Lassel argued that the Plaintiff failed to meet a technical condition required prior to filing a foreclosure suit. The bank sent our client a faulty default letter. The judge agreed to Simon’s Motion for Involuntary Dismissal and the bank lost its case. We fight…

Another Win Against the Banks

Last week Satyen Gandhi, who heads our Tampa office, secured a victory when the Court granted his Motion for Involuntary Dismissal of a Foreclosure case. Attorney Gandhi was able to prove at trial that the Bank had not properly reflected all of our client’s payment history. Nice work , Sat. Great result!

Don’t limit free speech for judges: Front Burner

The case of Lanell Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar was recently heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. I was honored to attend and watch the argument and was surprised that the court appeared to be inexplicitly and almost evenly split. There is no telling which way the court will go. Lanell Williams-Yulee is an attorney…

Helping To Rebuild People’s Lives In and Out of the Courtroom

Our attorney Reid McCullough looks up with pride at a house he is building with Sarasota Habitat for Humanity. Reid has donated hundreds of hours of his free time helping to build homes in the Sarasota and Gainesville area for lower income families who are in need of affordable housing. Way to go, Reid!

Holding the Bank Accountable

Fortunately, there are some judges who will not accept the failures of negligent lawyers. In one of our cases, a Bank failed to act after it received permission to amend its Complaint. After she waited for 3 months, our attorney, Juliane Murphy moved the Court to dismiss the case for the Bank’s failure to act….

No Note – No Foreclosure

In a foreclosure suit, our attorneys Simon Lassel and Juliane Murphy, successfully showed that the Bank did not have standing to initiate its foreclosure complaint against our client. The Bank could not show it had possession of the original Note at the time it filed its complaint and was unable to sue under Florida law….

Divorce in Margaritaville

Our attorney Hailey Lampert successfully avoided a drawn out contested divorce trial for our client. The long and arduous divorce mediation covered child visitation, family pets, and the division of assets which included who keeps the margarita machine. Attorney Lampert had both parties reach an amicable resolution to their divorce. Both parties are very happy…

Case Dismissal For Our Client

Our attorney Jon Hodges successfully moved to strike the Plaintiff’s witness in a mortgage foreclosure case, based upon the witness’ failure to appear at his deposition. After the Judge granted the Motion to Strike the witness, the Bank served a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal. That’s a win!