No “Cooling Off” in the Florida Used Car Market

Car salesman shows couple a used car

Here at The Ticktin Law Group, we will occasionally get calls from people who purchased a used vehicle and, for whatever reason, want to return it to the dealership, only to find out that the dealer will not take the vehicle back.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Cooling-Off Rule grants consumers a three-day right to cancel a sale… but not all sales are covered. Did the used car dealer here in South Florida fail to honor the Cooling-Off period to return a vehicle? Is there a Cooling-Off period in Florida?

In Florida, there is no statutory right to a Cooling-Off period when purchasing a used vehicle.

There is no automatic right afforded to a buyer to return a vehicle within three days. In fact, most dealerships which use standard forms include a section to specifically address this. Oftentimes, there is no “Cooling-Off Period” and the contract can only be cancelled with the agreement of the seller or for a legal cause.

Rather than asking yourself “can I return a used car?” before you buy a used vehicle, make sure you’re purchasing what you’re looking for. Ask to be allowed to have it inspected by an independent mechanic, and review the purchase and finance contracts before signing them. Once you sign on the dotted line that vehicle is yours and a dealer has no obligation to take it back.

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All is not lost if you have ended up with a clunker. Each situation needs to be looked at from a global perspective with the documents signed and how the deal was transacted. If you have any questions, contact the experienced attorneys of The Ticktin Law Group. Our firm offers free consultations to determine if you have a case and the options you may have. Call (561) 232-2222 or complete our contact form here.

Updated on January 21, 2019