Team Ticktin: What’s in a Name?

“Here comes Ticktin!” is a phrase I hear almost daily from local deputies as I walk into courtrooms across Central Florida. As you can see from my byline above, my name is not actually Ticktin. It’s not even my middle name, in case you were wondering. However, I still feel a sense of pride when I hear that phrase called out, as it means I, and my firm, have left a mark. Our attorneys and staff at The Ticktin Law Group have put a lot of time and energy into building our reputations in the legal community, and we have earned the respect of judges and opposing counsel alike.  I remember distinctly when I first started doing foreclosure trials, the judges and opposing counsel would mock me when I stood defiantly and told them I would need at least an hour to present my case. (For context, most foreclosure trials last about five minutes.) Now, the judges don’t even blink an eye when I tell them how much time I need. That change did not happen overnight, and it took a lot of confidence in what is right for our clients, but our hard work paid off.

Reputation means everything in the legal world, as one’s reputation has the power to sway a judge’s opinion and rulings, and it has the power to place opposing counsel on notice that you are not going to play games with your clients’ lives. There are firms out there who would do anything to settle a case because they are afraid of failure, and opposing counsels know these firms. There are other firms out there who simply lack ethical fortitude, and the judges know these firms.  I can tell you that our firm has a top-notch reputation for both legal knowledge and ethical fortitude, and that is true throughout the state of Florida. Therefore, I’m proud to say I’m a part of Team Ticktin, and I think you should be too.