$89.6 Million Florida Whistleblower Medicare Fraud Case

Miami-(PRWeb)-May 20, 2014 A Brevard County radiation oncologist and the two cancer treatment centers he operated have been ordered to pay the United States $89.6 million for defrauding Medicare in violation of the federal False Claims Act. This action was brought by a client of The Ticktin Law Group, and prosecuted by one of Ticktin’s…

Weather in the News | Fire, Floods, and Frost

Some areas of the Balkans, this week, received three months worth of rain in a single day.  The deluge has killed at least 37 people, caused devastating property damage, and even unearthed land mines from previous conflict in the region, complicating the situation for rescuers and aid workers.  In Virginia, a major thunderstorm system has…

Broward County Trial Team Win

The Ticktin Law Group’s Broward County Trial Team prevailed minutes into a Mortgage Foreclosure bench trial. At the outset of the trial, the Bank dropped its Lost Note Count.  The Broward County Trial Team immediately moved for an involuntary dismissal under the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure on the basis that the Complaint was legally…

Stop! In the Name of Modification: The Consumer Protection Bureau’s New Mortgage Modification/Foreclosure Regulations

As part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (known as “Dodd-Frank”), Congress created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (the “CFPB”), which has enormous power to regulate financial institutions. In January 2014, certain CFPB regulations went into effect that offers significant protection for homeowners seeking to modify their mortgages.  Under  12 C.F.R….

Peter Ticktin on the David Weir SFBR

Peter Ticktin introduces The Ticktin Law Group’s unique retainer that provides the opportunity to have an attorney for an affordable flat monthly fee. The Concierge Legal Retainer is tailored for the needs of both individuals and small or large businesses. Gain peace of mind knowing you have an attorney that’s only a phone call away.