Execute a Will to avoid State Distribution of your assets

Most individuals wait too long to execute their will or never create one at all.    If an individual dies and leaves behind a properly executed will, then his or her probate assets will receive testate distribution; or more simply, the assets will be distributed according to the will as drafted.  However, if a person dies without executing a will, then this is known as dying intestate. When an individual dies intestate, that individual’s probate assets will be distributed according to Florida statute.  Florida’s intestate distribution statute was created by the legislature to protect a person’s spouse and children.  It was also created to prevent long and expensive lawsuits as to whom the assets will be distributed.  But, an individual may not agree with the distribution scheme created by Florida’s legislature for whatever reason.  As such, a properly executed will must be created as early as possible to protect your intentions upon your death.  Of course, a person’s mind and circumstances can change over time.  Not to worry, a will can be revoked or modified as long as the proper formalities are followed.  Thus, it is imperative to contact an attorney to create a will early to protect one’s intentions and assets upon his or her death.