Step-Parent Adoption or Relative Adoption: How Hard Can it Be?

Imagine this, you have a child, then your child has a child. A joyous occasion, right? You are a grandparent! Well, imagine this, your child does not want their child. Oh no, this is a disaster. However, the good news is that if all the parties are in agreement the adoption by a grandparent or relative may actually not be too hard.  Florida Statutes Chapter 63 deals with the termination of parental rights and adoption.  In order to adopt a child the parental rights of the biological parents to the child must first be terminated.  Ordinarily there is a proceeding first to terminate the parental rights and then the proceeding for the adoption. Oh dear, that sounds time-consuming.

Well, the good news is that when a grandparent is seeking to adopt their grandchild and both the biological parents of the child consent to the termination of their parental rights, the adoption by the grandparent and waive notice of the proceedings, this kind of adoption can be relatively painless and resolved relatively quickly.  Yes, that is certainly refreshing.