Need A Foreclosure Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida?

If you need an attorney for Foreclosure in Jacksonville, then contact attorney Tom Eross, Jr. .  Over the past few weeks attorney Tom Eross has achieved noteworthy successes in Court.  These achievements came from his strong  litigation skills along with the support of The Ticktin Law Group team.  Here at The Ticktin Law Group we know that your legal problems are serious, and our law firm is devoted to giving our clients relief.  First, unlike the typical responsive approach, we first define your goals and then implement a plan to accomplish them.  We treat each problem as an opportunity to find a creative solution.  We believe in “Results Through Creative Thinking.”  Secondly, in developing a plan of action, we find ways to keep your costs down, even though it often means far less for your attorneys; and third, we put great emphasis on returning phone calls and emails as promptly as we can.  Our attorneys live by these values.

October 18, 2013:  Tom was successful in having a foreclosure action dismissed in our Client’s favor.

November 7, 2013:  Tom obtained an order for sanctions against the bank for their failure to comply with our discovery requests.

November 13, 2013:  Tom obtains an award of costs including attorneys’ fees, after resolution of a case in our Client’s favor.

Congratulations to attorney Tom Eross, Jr. and his team!

Attorney Thomas Eross, Jr.
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