The Ticktin Law Group October 9, 2017 – Employee Rights in the Workplace, Part 2

Employee Rights in the Workplace, Part 2

In almost every job, there are certain boundaries that employers cannot cross.  All employees have certain rights that an employer must not violate. If an employer violates these rights, then there may be a legal claim filed against the employer. For instance, an employee has the right not to be harassed in the workplace. Understanding your rights in the workplace is important, and oftentimes, only a knowledgeable employment law attorney can interpret which employment law rights apply. These rights are in addition to the rights discussed in the blog last week, see link here:

An employee, in some cases, cannot be unlawfully terminated. Most states follow the doctrine where both the employee and employer have the right to terminate the employment at-will. That usually means for any reason or for no reason at all. In some states, however, there are exceptions to that general rule. For instance, if the termination reason goes against the public policy, then such termination would qualify as being unlawful and the employee may have a case against the employer.

Further, an employee has the right to be free from harassment in the workplace. This right goes hand in hand with the right against discrimination, however, harassment may encompass acts that are not are apparent as discrimination. For instance, if only one employee is “picked” on in a company, then that employee may have grounds for a lawsuit against their employer (of course the employee should keep appropriate proof of the harassment to file a claim).

If you or someone you know have an employment law issue, it is advisable to contact the Attorneys of the Ticktin Law Group so that you can determine your rights and/or whether you have a claim against your employer.