Through our innovative approach to the practice of law, we make it more easily affordable to assure that community associations have access to an attorney that can meet all of their needs.

We provide community associations with legal counseling, contract drafting, contract review, collections, governing document and amendments review, regulatory compliance, board meeting procedures, and developer relations, just to name a few.  Implementing our “Three C’s,” Creativity, Cost Effectiveness, and Communications, allows us to efficiently and effectively represent community associations.

If you need access to attorneys to properly handle its day-today operations.  The Ticktin Law Group’s focus on communications gives you that.

We also recognize that community associations have established budgets, and our focus on cost effectiveness allows us to provide necessary legal services without jeopardizing other aspects of the association.

We list “Creativity,” as our third “C,” as we are famously creative. We find new solutions to old problems as well as new ones.

We understand that a vast number of legal concerns often arise in the operation of a community association. Those we represent are provided with the attorneys necessary to maintain its operations. Frequently the advice and review by an attorney will serve to alleviate the concerns of a community association. Additionally, a community association’s access to an attorney for drafting and/or review of documents and contracts has proven invaluable.

Also, at The Ticktin Law Group our litigation attorneys prosper in the courtroom. In our representation of community associations we avail our experienced group of litigation attorneys to handle virtually any aspect of litigation, including collections, enforcement, contractual disputes, construction issues, liens, and foreclosures. Regardless of whether a community has complex or simple litigation issues, a strong advocate allows the community association to effectively carry on its operations.

If you need an attorney to represent the interests of your community association, click the red contact button on the right side of this screen, or call us. We are ready to meet your community association’s needs.

Remember, it will cost you nothing for a consultation.