Just as in other areas of law, we keep the cost down from the beginning when we prepare the wills and trusts right through the process of probating the estates in court. Drafting a simple will and a trust does not warrant a huge fee, as you may fear. We keep our fees reasonable, as we believe that everyone should have the ability to have their wishes documented in a trust and/or will in the event that something unfortunate was to happen.

Needless to say, we know how to protect your interests by preparing durable powers of attorney, assignments and transfers of assets, Living Wills and other documents necessary to give authority to a trusted family member or friend to deal with hospitals and health care providers. This philosophy persists through the way we deal with the passing of a client and the necessary actions in court from simply probating the will to suing to recover assets on behalf of creditors and/or beneficiaries, filing a probate action to have the court determine beneficiaries of an estate, and asset protection representation.

We offer these services at a reasonable price, as our plan is to help more people at reasonable prices than to take an unfair advantage of a few clients. It happens. We see it with other firms, and we are determined to never disappoint our clients or their survivors.

You deserve to know that when your time is up, your family will be protected.

Although everyone is in a different situation, there are always planning techniques and tools available to ensure your intent and wishes are met. Whether planning in the case of death or incapacity, we want our clients to know exactly how their individual matters will be handled. You need attorneys who are willing to provide customized and tailored estate planning services to meet your individual needs. We at The Ticktin Law Group do just that. When preparing an estate plan we take into account the potential estate assets, but we also consider the family dynamic and the intent of the client to assure that the right plan is prepared.

Apart from planning, we also handle estate administration. We understand how difficult it is to lose someone you love and we are here to help. We have the skills and expertise to help you take care of the issues and difficulties that arise when managing a loved one’s affairs.

Our attorneys are caring people and are always understanding of whatever situation you are going through. Whether you need an estate plan or assistance getting through an estate administration, we make it easy and affordable to retain our legal services.

The Ticktin Law Group lives by the Three “C’s,” Creativity, Cost Effectiveness, and Communication. This foundation has allowed our Wills, Trusts, and Estates department to provide the services our clients need in an effective manner. We want to help you prepare an estate plan and help you get through all of the issues that arise when you lose a loved one. It would be our pleasure to meet with you and discuss a plan for you. Schedule a free consultation today by clicking the link below or by calling us.