Arbitration is an alternate legal forum to the traditional lawsuit in a courthouse.  Business contracts and sales contracts increasingly have Arbitration clauses, to keep their disputes out of the court system and in a private arena.  There is no trial, but a final hearing, and there is no Judge but rather one or three arbitrators who decide the result.

Going to arbitration has its positives and negatives.  Arbitration is often much quicker, and you will probably have a result in months rather than years.  However, it limits the amount of discovery, eliminating or severely limiting the right to take depositions prior to the final hearing.

Many lawyers are not familiar with arbitration or the rules and techniques, which are necessary to be successful in arbitration.  Often a lawyer may only have one or two arbitrations in their career.

The Ticktin Law Group is experienced in both bringing arbitration claims and defending them.

Our attorneys have arbitrated across the country in a variety of forums including the American Arbitration Association (general claims) and FINRA (against stock brokers or “financial advisors”).   The Ticktin Law Group has successfully arbitrated Distribution Agreements, Auto Finance Contracts, and sales agreements among others.

If you are in a dispute where the contract includes an arbitration clause, come in for a free consultation to see whether you will be required to arbitrate your issue, and if so how to successfully negotiate the arbitration process.