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Scamed by a fake contractor

Posted By: John Wagner


I hired a contractor to do work in my master bedroom due to water damage. I had a insurance claim who provided the funds to complete the project. This contractor provided fake documentation to obtain our services once he was hired he took $9,000 from us and only did about $2000 worth of work. This contractor is know avoiding our calls and has not done any further work. It has been nearly 6 months since I have last seen this guy. My master bedroom and bath is not livable, my family has been displaced and inconvenience by this impostor. I want to sue him to retrieve my funds back and have him pay for our suffering and lost time? What are my options and what steps should I take?


It sounds to me like you may have a claim against the contractor for breach of contract, potentially other recourse with the county building department and there may also be some criminal liability depending on the circumstances.  What exactly was the fake documentation you are referring to?

It is certainly a shame that this has happened to you and I would be happy to discuss it further during a free consultation.

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