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Reviewing a publishing contract

Posted By: Ejola Cook


Several years ago, I wrote a book based upon the American Reconstruction period and the life of my great grandmother, a slave. Not knowing that the publishing industry was not interested in first time authors for the quality of their work, I queried several “Vanity” publishers and agents who wanted me to pay buy their services. I have recently received a phone call followed by a contract via email from a publisher, Tate Publishing Enterprises LLC. The 14 page contract appears to be legitimate and I am encouraged but need to have a representative and a professional examine it with the expectation of being that rep. I know that Tate offers a better royalty than what is being stated.I am a senior on a fixed income and although I’m not seeking wealth at my age, I am degreed and would like to demonstrate as much acumen as my great-grandma. Would some qualified professional be interested in seeing the contract?


Wow, what an interesting story.  I certainly understand wanting to make sure that you have the proper representation before signing such a big contract.

I would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation, and see what exactly you would need as far as legal services, and then work with you on the most cost effective means of getting you the representation you need with the understanding that you are on a fixed budget.

Our firm is based on creativity and cost effectiveness, and I am sure that we will be able to work with you to fulfill your publishing goals.  Please just email be back or click the link so we can schedule you to come in and get you moving forward.

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