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Recovering unpaid wages

Posted By: Thomas M Eross


I worked at a daycare for a short time. I got sick and ended up leaving there (about a year ago or so now). I never got paid. I have not contacted them about it (forgot about it until I got my W-2 recently). How do I get my money? And do I have to pay taxes on it even if I never received it?


A few options are available to you.  You should first attempt calling the daycare and request payment for the unpaid wages.  If that does not work, you may contact the local Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, and have them launch an investigation.  The most effective option is to hire an attorney to draft a demand letter that states you will report them to the Department of Labor if they do not compensate you for the unpaid wages.  It will help if you know the exact amount owed and when you worked the hours that were not compensated.

As to your second question, you do not have to pay taxes on an amount of money you never received.  If you truly believe the W-2 has an error, you need to properly notify the IRS by filling out the appropriate forms and paperwork to dispute the amount on the W-2.

If you would like help contacting the daycare center for the unpaid wages, then call my firm and we can assist you for a small fee.  My contact information is below.  Needless to say, the first meeting to discuss your case is free.

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