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Is it legal to force employees to create a social media account to advertise the business for free? My employer is forcing us to create 2 social media accounts or else were fired.


Social media is a very new area of law and Florida is just now starting to consider laws relating to social media.  There is pending legislation in Florida that would limit employers’ rights to access your personal social media accounts.  However, if you are creating accounts for your employer’s business use, I do not see how the pending legislation would apply.

It is important to know that Florida is an at-will employment state.  This means that your employer can terminate you for any reason or no reason at all, so long as the reason is not discriminatory.  So, if your employer requires that you create social media accounts as a term or condition of employment, and chooses to terminate you for not participating, I don’t see how you would have a case against your employer at this time.

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